The Sequence Toolkit
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stk_env.h File Reference
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typedef struct stk_env_stct stk_env_t
typedef void(* stk_wakeup_dispatcher_cb )(stk_env_t *)

Detailed Description

This file provides definitions and typdefs etc required to interface with the Sequence Toolkit APIs

Typedef Documentation

The stk_env_t is the handle used to manage Sequence Toolkit components. Everything the Sequence Toolkit does requires access (directly or indirectly) to a stk_env_t handle. Most APIs require one of these to be passed to it.

See Also
stk_create_env() and stk_destroy_env()
typedef void(* stk_wakeup_dispatcher_cb)(stk_env_t *)

Function pointer typedef to define a dispatcher wake up function. This is called (if configured) when scheduling timers to ensure that the application dispatcher can be influenced by timer events The example dispatcher provided uses this to establish the next time the loop should wake up.