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stk_env_api.h File Reference
#include "stk_env.h"
#include "stk_common.h"
#include "stk_timer.h"
#include "stk_smartbeat.h"
#include "stk_name_service.h"
#include "stk_data_flow.h"
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stk_env_tstk_create_env (stk_options_t *options)
 Create an STK environment.
stk_bool stk_destroy_env (stk_env_t *env)
 Destroy(free) an STK environment.
stk_ret stk_env_add_timer_set (stk_env_t *env, stk_timer_set_t *tset)
stk_ret stk_env_remove_timer_set (stk_env_t *env, stk_timer_set_t *tset)
stk_ret stk_env_dispatch_timer_pools (stk_env_t *env, unsigned short max_callbacks)
stk_ret stk_env_dispatch_timer_pool (stk_env_t *env, unsigned short max_callbacks, int pool)
int stk_next_timer_ms_in_pool (stk_env_t *env)
void stk_wakeup_dispatcher (stk_env_t *env)
stk_smartbeat_ctrl_tstk_env_get_smartbeat_ctrl (stk_env_t *env)
stk_name_service_tstk_env_get_name_service (stk_env_t *env)
stk_data_flow_tstk_env_get_monitoring_data_flow (stk_env_t *env)
void * stk_env_get_dispatcher (stk_env_t *env)
stk_ret stk_set_env_monitoring_data_flow (stk_env_t *env, stk_options_t *options)
void stk_set_stderr_level (int level)

Detailed Description

The stk_env module provides APIs that tie together all Sequence Toolkit APIs. Global level operations are implemented by the ENV object which is madantory for the rest of the system. Everything exists within the domain of an STK Environment object.

Function Documentation

stk_env_t* stk_create_env ( stk_options_t options)

Create an STK environment.

stk_create_env() creates a handle for the environment which controls STK components. No STK component may live without an STK environment.

optionsA pointer to a set of options to configure this environment
A new stk_env_t handle
See Also
stk_options_t in stk_common.h
stk_bool stk_destroy_env ( stk_env_t env)

Destroy(free) an STK environment.

stk_destroy_env() destroys the STK handle passed to it and frees resources assigned to it.

stk_ret stk_env_add_timer_set ( stk_env_t env,
stk_timer_set_t tset 

Add a timer set to the timer pool

if there was space for a new timer set
stk_ret stk_env_dispatch_timer_pool ( stk_env_t env,
unsigned short  max_callbacks,
int  pool 

Dispatch timers for a timer pool

Whether all the timer sets were dispatched successfully
stk_ret stk_env_dispatch_timer_pools ( stk_env_t env,
unsigned short  max_callbacks 

Dispatch timers for all timer pools

Whether all the timer sets were dispatched successfully
void* stk_env_get_dispatcher ( stk_env_t env)

Get the default dispatcher

stk_data_flow_t* stk_env_get_monitoring_data_flow ( stk_env_t env)

Get the default Monitoring Data Flow

stk_name_service_t* stk_env_get_name_service ( stk_env_t env)

Get the Name Service controller

stk_smartbeat_ctrl_t* stk_env_get_smartbeat_ctrl ( stk_env_t env)

Get Smartbeat controller

stk_ret stk_env_remove_timer_set ( stk_env_t env,
stk_timer_set_t tset 

Remove a timer set from the timer pool

if the set was removed.
int stk_next_timer_ms_in_pool ( stk_env_t env)

Determine the interval to the next timer in the pool that will expire.

The number of ms to the next timer expiration (or -1 if there are no timers).
stk_ret stk_set_env_monitoring_data_flow ( stk_env_t env,
stk_options_t options 

Set the monitoring data flow for the STK environment

void stk_set_stderr_level ( int  level)

Set the level for stderr logging

void stk_wakeup_dispatcher ( stk_env_t env)

This function calls any registered dispatcher wakeup callback