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stk_timer.h File Reference
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typedef struct stk_timer_set_stct stk_timer_set_t
typedef void * stk_timer_t
typedef int stk_timer_cb_type
typedef void(* stk_timer_cb )(stk_timer_set_t *timer_set, stk_timer_t *timer, int id, void *userdata, void *user_setdata, stk_timer_cb_type cb_type)

Detailed Description

This header provides the typedefs and definitions for the timer subsystem.

Macro Definition Documentation


Timer was Cancelled


Timer has Expired

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* stk_timer_cb)(stk_timer_set_t *timer_set, stk_timer_t *timer, int id, void *userdata, void *user_setdata, stk_timer_cb_type cb_type)

The callback signature to be used for timer callbacks

A callback type indicates what event the callback is for (cancelled/expired etc).

See Also

The timer set consitutes a grouping of related timers. Applications may choose to group timers as seen fit and may use as few as one set.

A generic handle to a scheduled timer>