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stk_sync.h File Reference
#include <pthread.h>
#include <opa_primitives.h>
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#define STK_ATOMIC_INCR(_ptr)   OPA_fetch_and_incr_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr)
#define STK_ATOMIC_DECR(_ptr)   OPA_fetch_and_decr_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr)
#define STK_ATOMIC_ADD(_ptr, _val)   OPA_fetch_and_add_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr,_val)


typedef pthread_mutex_t stk_mutex_t

Detailed Description

This header provides the macros and type definitions for atomic and mutex implementations used throughout STK.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define STK_ATOMIC_ADD (   _ptr,
)    OPA_fetch_and_add_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr,_val)

Atomic add of a number to an integer

#define STK_ATOMIC_DECR (   _ptr)    OPA_fetch_and_decr_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr)

Atomic Decrement an integer

#define STK_ATOMIC_INCR (   _ptr)    OPA_fetch_and_incr_int((OPA_int_t*)_ptr)

Atomic Increment an integer

Typedef Documentation

typedef pthread_mutex_t stk_mutex_t

Definition of a mutex